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reviewed The Nether. March 26, 2013
The Nether
Playwright  and one-time Wold of Warcraft player Jennifer Haley has written a play about the addictive nature of life in a virtual world and the potential desire to leave the real world for the …
reviewed A CLOSED WORLD FROM SINGAPORE-MIT GAM.... March 03, 2013
Here is the developer's summary:   "Have you ever been so frustrated, so fed up with where you are, that you just want to throw it all away and run off to somewhere new? In A Closed …
reviewed Quell Reflect. November 30, 2012
Quell Reflect
DEVELOPER SUMMARY:    A charming zen puzzler that is sure to test your brain and capture your heart! Quell Reflect has 80+ levels of ingenious gameplay, a gorgeous art style, and a haunting …
reviewed Spiral Knights. March 25, 2011
Spiral Knights
Boldly going where Sony Online Entertainment went with Disney-flavored freemium offering Free Realms (but using a top 3/4 view as opposed to FPS), SEGA is now vaunting a creation from San Francisco based …
reviewed AI WAR: Fleet Command - Light of the .... March 23, 2011
AI WAR: Fleet Command - Light of the Spire
Developer Summary Ravaged by their recent encounters with the same AIs that pushed humanity to the brink of extinction, the Spire are an alien race that have also been all but destroyed. However, while …
reviewed Hawken. March 11, 2011
  The first time I saw the trailer for indie game-in-development “Hawken” – a new Mech Combat FPS, from Adhesive Games Ltd., I had almost the same reaction as when my friend …
reviewed Battleheart. March 09, 2011
  From Mika Mobile (whose previous titles Zombieville USA and OMG Pirates! contribute to already over-saturated markets) comes Battleheart, a tactical action …
reviewed CreaVures. February 28, 2011
   Developer Summary CreaVures is a puzzle-platformer set in a magical forest. You play as five different “Creavures,” tiny mythical creatures that each have a unique natural ability. …
reviewed Dungeons. February 21, 2011
DEVELOPER SUMMARY: Assume the role of a mighty (and mighty evil) Dungeon Lord and create your own diabolical demesnes underground. Dim-witted goblin workers tremble as they await your orders and dig …
reviewed Guns of Icarus. February 12, 2011
Guns of Icarus
  IS STEAMPUNK JUST A SKIN? I recently shared a debate with a friend who argued that a short film called The Anachronism was not Steampunk solely based on the fact that two children discover a …
reviewed Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child. February 12, 2011
Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child
  DEVELOPER SUMMARY: Unlock the secrets of the mysterious fairy realm in the third installment of the award-winning Dream Chronicles® series, Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child. Discover …
reviewed Loved. February 09, 2011
  There have been a slew of games we encountered this year that played with the idea of an unreliable narrator, but none quite so eloquently as Loved. It would be incorrect to say that “Loved” …
reviewed Clickr. February 09, 2011
Because Clickr is a great multi-player game, IGR decided to pass it around the writing crew and do a round-table review – we wanted more than one point of view on the game and see whether it held …
reviewed Fractal. February 08, 2011
DEVELOPER SUMMARY From the creators of the award-winning game Auditorium comes Fractal, a new ambient music puzzler experience. Cluster and Chain your way through a pulsing technicolor dreamscape that …
reviewed Tommy Tronic. February 08, 2011
Tommy Tronic
Developer Summary Tommy Tronic: the superlative execution of an extremely difficult trick – a game for all ages! Whether young or old, Tommy Tronic will engage you and keep you curious as to just …
reviewed Hero Core. February 07, 2011
Constructed using YoYo Games’ Game Maker, Hero Core (sequel to Hero) strips away flashy graphics and complex controls, leaving the player with a classic shoot-em-up that seems simple, yet remains …
reviewed Sleep is Death. February 07, 2011
Sleep is Death (Geisterfahrer) by Jason Rohrer will not require a top-of-the-line graphics card. It doesn’t sport a sleek, bleeding-edge interface. In fact, boasting a whopping 640×480 screen …
reviewed Mark Leung: Revenge of the Bitch. February 07, 2011
Developer Summary Since the beginning of time, RPGs have taken themselves far too seriously. They’re plagued by recycled stories, stock characters and a clichéd pseudo-medieval fantasy setting. …
reviewed Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale. February 05, 2011
Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
DEVELOPER SUMMARY: Recettear is the story of an item shop, the girl who lives in it, and the fairy who turned her life upside down. Recette Lemongrass finds herself in charge of an item shop built into …
reviewed Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time. February 05, 2011
DEVELOPER SUMMARY: Fallen off a cliff? Burning in lava? Just had your latest invention crushed by a frozen polar bear? Avoid all this with Doc Clock’s amazing Time Slider. Enjoy the first Doc Clock …
reviewed Power of Defense. February 05, 2011
Power of Defense
DEVELOPER SUMMARY: Power of Defense provides a new strategy and defense mix game experience. Defend your world from upoming evil and oil-smelling robots. They come from the platform between both parallel …
reviewed Limbo. January 25, 2011
This was among my favorite games of 2010, largely because I had the opportunity to discuss the game with the developers at both PAX East and E3. It was enlightening to talk to them about silent films, …
reviewed Galcon Fusion. September 22, 2010
Galcon Fusion
Galcon Fusion is a territory real tile strategy game.  I got it on sale for $2, and for that price, it is worth it. It is a very simple styled game.  The easiest way to describe it is risk on …
reviewed Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child. September 14, 2009
Dream Chronicles: The Chosen Child
Dream Chronicles: the Chosen Child is beautiful. The graphic art is very elegant indeed and the as you wend your way through fairy environments you'll find yourself immersed in the fantasy. As with the …
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